A Self-Mastery & Awakened Mindset container for high achieving women.

We can't do things the way we used to anymore. Our minds have been captured, and it's time to dissolve the BS narratives and start doing "the mental work" that actually moves the needle in our lives.

Your life is the sum of your existing thoughts and beliefs. PERIOD.

If you want to think and believe like a woman who is abundant, deeply loved and supported, financially free, secure & confident, with rock solid boundaries and secure attachment... then you'd better start learning to think and believe like one...


  • Create a life surrounded with safe, secure and abundant energy with support, ease and flow.

  • Stop hustling! Let go of the old way, and build rock solid, positive & optimistic daily routine.

  • Break limiting beliefs and toxic patterns holding your back.

  • Let go of people pleasing, self-sabotage and the constant worry of what others are thinking.

  • Heal & optimize your relationships to yourself, friends, family, food, finances and freedom.

  • Tap into your authentic voice & creative genius without fear, judgment or shame.

  • Redefine happiness, productivity, failure & success.

  • Kick the victim mentality out the window forever and step into your power.

  • Have fun in life while you build strong and stable mental and emotional wealth.

Change your mind. Change your life.


This monthly container will give you the space, support and resources to unapologetically re-design your life, health, body, spirituality, wealth, relationships, abundance, boundaries, love, connection and magic that you dream about and deserve...

This is more than a mentorship...

-- it's a FRICKIN Movement.

This Mentorship Is Rooted the 4 Pillars of Intuitive Awareness.


Critical Thinking



It is designed to get you out of your head, into your heart and guided by your higher self.



Other than everything you need to know about exactly how to take your life by the horns, attract healthy & soul aligned relationships, become the leader and action taker you know you were born to be, rewire your mental space around food, exercise, lifestyle, relationships and self-love, live intuitively, accumulate love & abundance and build your life by design?

My secrete formula to success with a no BS approach that is guaranteed to support you, help you feel safe and start crushing your goals and LIVING up to your potential PLUS high level group coaching, online programming and guest speakers.


·      Woman with killer instincts, a high achiever and is done living in mediocrity.

·      Single woman, multi passionate entrepreneurs, busy & overwhelmed mom looking for mental and emotional support or ALL 3 who knows there is more to life, and is ready to make foundational change.

·      Women who are done listening to all the noise and are ready to get ther shit together with support, love and wild, unimaginable growth and expansion?

·      Women who are DOERS, go getters, and know they is responsible for their life but just needs some help sorting out all of the uncertain narratives and outcomes.

·      Women who judge themselves harshly, have a tyrant of an inner critic and can’t sleep at night because of all the things they have on their minds.

·      Woman looking for a supportive community that provides solutions for the deep inner pain that you rarely talk about, and try to hide at all time.

·      Hard working wellness warriors who are doing all the things and still feel unfulfilled, unsuccessful and empty.

·      Women who do everything they are told but still feel purposeless, unfulfilled, and empty.

·      High performing entrepreneurs that feel paralyzed from making big moves that push their business forward

·      Hard-working and busy women who are committed to personal growth but feel unsuccessful, lack and failure more often than not

·      Busy moms who find themselves with zero-time, energy, patience or space for themselves.

·      Know something is holding them back, but they don’t know what.

·      Know you are bing controlled by invisible barriers but are fearful of hurting peoples feelings and/or getting abandoned

·      Fear success while simultaneously fearing failure.

·      Are afraid to be authentic, speak your mind, take action, get cancelled or ruffle any feathers even though it's killing you not too.

·      Know that there is more to life then the 5-9 daily grind and want to take action to improve and thrive in this one life!

If you're saying HECK YES to 1 or more of theses, then you're in the right place. There is no such thing as coincidence. If you're still reading this, you're here for a reason and I invite you to apply now by clicking the button below.



Think of it as Mindfullness on crack. My definition is to become the non-judgments observer of your life. it is to pay attention to what you are paying attention too. It is ACTIVE LISTENING to your mind/body/soul UNITY!

This is an internal and intuitive skill that has been lost in todays high pressured, hustle, disconnected society. All teachings in the Your New Era Mentorship are rooted in Intuitive Awareness.


A typical month will look like:  

First Wednesday of the Month: 90 Minute Mentorship call with Elisa

Second Wednesday of the Month: 60 Minute Hot Seat Call + Group Coaching with Elisa

Third Wednesday of the Month: 60 Minute Guest Mindset Coach

Fourth Wednesday: FREEDOM WEEK  

(If a 5th Wednesday falls on that month, it will also be a freedom week)  


·      Wednesday, May 8 – 7PM EST // Kick OFF Party/Mentorship Call

·      Wednesday, May 15th – 7PM EST // 60 Minute Hot Seat Group Coaching Call

·      Wednesday, May 22nd – 7PM EST // 60 Minute Guest Coaching

·      Wednesday, June 5th – 7PM EST // 90 Minute Mentorship Call with Elisa

·      Wednesday, June 12th – 7PM EST // 60 Minute Hot Seat Group Coaching Call

·      Wednesday, June 26th – 7PM EST // 60 Minute Guest Coaching

·      Wednesday, July 3rd – 7PM EST // 90 Minute Mentorship Call with Elisa

·      Wednesday, July 10th – 7PM EST // 60 Minute Hot Seat Group Coaching Call

·      Wednesday, July 17th – 7PM EST // 60 Minute Guest Coaching

·      Wednesday, August 7th – 7PM EST // 90 Minute Mentorship Call with Elisa

·      Wednesday, August 14th  – 7PM EST // 60 Minute Hot Seat Group Coaching Call

·      Wednesday, August 21st – 7PM EST // 60 Minute Guest Coaching


  • CA$57 monthly fee

  • CA$159 quarterly fee

  • CA$649 annual fee

  • Available in CAD Currencies


Elisa is a former World Cup Gold medalist, 2 x National Champion in the sport of freestyle Mogul skiing, Level 4 NCCP Performance Coach, Life Coach and Podcast Host of the Elisa Unfiltered Podcast which is now ranked in the top 1% globally.

But don't let us tell you her story... hear it from her herself!


My name is Elisa, and NO... I Wasn't Always Awake & Aware...

Nope! I spent the majority of my early adult life trying to show the world how great I was, how valuable I was, and why everyone should like me.

I did this, because deep down, I had a deep seeded belief that love must be earned and that I must sacrifice my energy, opinions and well-being for the sake of those I loved.

Now, don't get me wrong, I was a World Cup Athlete, skiing for Canada. I was fit, winning gold medals, travelling the world, and had good looking men begging for my phone number everywhere I went...

Sounds rough doesn't it? From the outside looking in, I was a rockstar. But from the inside looking out, I saw myself as unsuccessful, ugly, and nothing special. So everyday I would go out, ski my hardest, train, be the best in hopes that someone who see me and notice how amazing I was...

That was until February 2006 when I missed qualifying for my place on the Canadian Olympic team for the Torino Games.

In one swift moment, my entire life's work was over. I was a failure. I was a loser. I lost my identity. I lost my everything...

Who would ever love me now?

The funny thing about losing your identity, you know, the labels you give yourself and attach subjective meaning too, and spend your life trying to live up to your own standard of the label, is that... You believe your life is over.

Have you ever felt that way before? Like you've lost your purpose and there is nowhere left to go? Maybe this happened over night (like in my case), or maybe it's happened to you in a "slow drip" fashion where little by little, something is chipping away at your soul and now you don't even recognize yourself in the mirror anymore. Who am i?

After I missed the Olympics, I got myself in some serious trouble. I won't bother you with all the details, but let's talk about this highlights shall we? First of all, I made a VOW that I would never to another squat again, or go to the gym. I drank alcohol every single day. I smoked cigarettes. I ate non-stop. I gained 85lbs in one year. I got into an abusive marriage. I got myself into unbreathable debt AND I hated my body and my life.


I spent over 5 years punishing myself, believing I failed at life and subsequently dragged my past along with me everywhere I went. It was a heavy and dark time. I was depressed beyond my ability to understand. I was ashamed. I was tormented. I was surrounded by abuse, both from myself and my ex-husband... I was miserable.

Then one day I looked in the mirror and didn't recognize the woman looking back at me. Who the fuck was she? Who the fuck was I? That was when I had a life changing epiphany... It was the mother of all "ah-ha" moments. I had a wake-up call that catapulted me back into the living...

I am not over. I am the one doing this to myself. I can do better.

Let's go!

What followed was a series of insanity that involved hiring a life coach, getting a big fat divorce, losing 85 pounds, paying off all of my debt and making 5 figure months as an entrepreneur, ditching the toxicity in my life and last but certainly not least, learning to LOVE myself unconditionally.

Want to know how I did it? The answer is

Intuitive Awareness

I learned how to pay attention to my life from the lens of the non-judgmental observer. I worked with my spiritual life coach to weekly for over a year at reframing my beliefs, thoughts, attachment and boundaries.

Never in a million years could I have done this alone. I had never been taught I single mindfulness skill (that actually works) in my life, and it was through my own personal transformation that I now teach this practice to others so they can transform and redesign their lives.

It takes a lot of strength to pull yourself out of rock bottom. The problem is that most people just continue to do what they've always done (with some small, unrisky modifications) and find themselves looping in old patterns that keeps them small and unfulfilled. Right?

If this sounds like you, and you are done doing this alone... take my hand. I've got you. I see you. You matter...