Building mental and emotional resiliency is crucial in 2023.

It's time to say goodbye to the invisible mental barriers that live in your blind spot, so you can finally let go of the fear, pain and mental suffering.

So let's get started... together!

The Awakening

The Awareness 3x Effect

Part 1

This offer is Part 1 of the Awareness 3x Effect, a 12-Month Mindset Reset design by Elisa Kurylowicz (Life Coach, podcast Host and World Cup Champion skier) .

When you invest in Part 1 you will gain instant access to 10 powerful lessons that will immediately shift your perspective, and wake you up to your conditioned mind.

The Awakening is your chance to safely and confidently break free from old ideas you've been unconsciously loyal too for decades and evaluate the habits, behaviours and beliefs that are unconsciously prohibiting you from moving forward.



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Wake up & strengthen your level of intuitive awareness, stop repeating old habits & overcome the BS narratives holding you back!

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Mental health difficulties are on the rise and that is no surprise given the torment, stress and trauma we have faced over the last 3 years. From difficult relationships to financial trouble, job loss, yo-yo diet, weight gain, normalized stagnation, depression, anxiety, division, negative self-talk, heartbreak and failure, most of us are becoming comfortable in survival mode.

But how do we turn our internal world around?

I can see the work so many are putting in, yet somehow, at the end of the day still feel as though the dimmer switch is stuck at LOW.

It’s important to recognize that this is NOT your fault.

I know you are doing the best you can, despite the fact you are trying to step out of your shell and make your life better, trying new things, reading self-help books, and nothing seems to be working.

But what if I told you no matter hard hard you try, there are unseen things influencing your mood, decisions, reactions and behaviours that you are unaware of... Would you believe me?

Would you be curious and compassionate enough to explore the invisible elements in your mental and emotional blindspot?

Whether you choose to believe it or not, you have deep, subconscious beliefs and mental concepts that are systematically controlling 90% of more of your decisions without you even being aware of them. We all do, and we all will... until we shine a light on them.

I was there. I worked for over 10 years to build mental and emotional resiliency. To see my own self, and what I had believed to be true from a different perspective. I did this work and went from 85lbs overweight, broke and in an abusive relationship to the happiest, most complete version of myself.

99% of the time, all you need to make a BIG SHIFT in your life is to shift your perspective. And that is what I want to offer you.

The Awakening

This offer is Part 1 of the Awareness 3x Effect. It is 10 lessons that will teach the unseen elements you will need to break free from old habits, behaviours and beliefs and shift your perspective so you can start doing something NEW and experience NEW results.

Of course these results will be from a place of love, respect for oneself and others, and compassion

Your awakening is vital to shift the momentum of your life and start building a stronger self-awareness practice rooted in personal power.

This is your opportunity to work with a life coach with over 17 years of coaching experience for only $47.

PLUS, if you love what you have learned and experienced and want to continue with Part 2 & Part 3 of the Awareness 3x Effect, we will happiness discount you the FULL $297 from the program.

Invest in yourself for Part 1 today at $47 and received $297 OFF the full price of the full program.

This is your time to shine my friend. You’ve got this. The grass truly is greener on the other side.

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Are you going to meet me there??

Invest in Part 1: The Awakening Today for $47 (85% OFF),

and receive the full value ($297) off the full program The Awareness 3x Effect should you wish to continue to evolve in the program.

Inside the FULL program, You'll Get:

  • Practical actions to get you out of your stuck place and get you moving.

  • Workbooks that support your deeply personal transformation.

  • 12 months of Unlimited Voxer voice messaging support from me personally.

  • A 3 Part Intuitive Awareness training that includes 10 modules and over 75 interactive & intuitive lessons to launch you into a new frame of mind and break out of your domesticated norms.

  • Assignments that will nudge you out of your comfort zone & teach you how to enjoy change.

  • A library of meditation resources from Top Yoga & Meditation teachers across Canada.

  • Daily accountability to boost your confidence.

And MOST importantly, you will see the world from a new lens and get a boost of confidence & motivation needed to make the CHANGE you are looking for.

It's time to step into your power.

It's time to drop the guilt & shame.

It's time to stop pretending that you love your life and actually love it!

It's time that you are seen.

It's time that you are heard.

It's time that you shine as your authentic self!

I hope to see you inside The Awakening.